Two Men Fighting

Do you really love me where I’m at? Because I do pretend, now, and that’s a fact.
Will somebody tell me which way to go?
Feels like there’s a battle goin’ in my brain. And, oh, I am determined to wear my pain.
Would somebody come here just to save my soul?

(well) Two men fightin’ in my head. I wish one of those guys would end up dead.
I kinda like ‘em both, I must confess. He’s got it all together when I’m a mess.
Sometimes I forget which one’s me, ‘cause again and again and again, you see,
I do what I hate and I wanna go away.

I am always clownin’ for them all. Everybody’s waiting for the fall.
Am I just a shadow of who I wanna be?
To live is to be burdened by my mind, never knowing which man I might find.
An angel and a sinner, sounds a lot like me.
(well) Two men fightin’ in my head. Tell one of those two what the other one said.
I don’t even know which one is real, but I got ‘em both tellin’ me how to feel.
Man, I don’t know how to be free ‘cause again and again and again, you see,
I can’t do what I wanna do today.

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Two Men Fighting