As I’m settling in tonight, I find myself thinking about a few things. First, this is a cool city. As I drove around tonight, I was really digging the creative, artistic vibe in several of the neighborhoods I encountered. Second, I am eager to get going tomorrow. I drove by the studio tonight (mostly so I knew how to get there so I wouldn’t be late tomorrow) and it caused even more of the eager anticipation I’ve been feeling all day. I really want to see how these songs shake out and see some of the potential come to fruition.

Lastly, I’m feeling a little like the new kid at school with nowhere to sit at lunch. The prospect of two weeks alone in this city is daunting. I know I’ll be working for a lot of the time, but when I’m not…I guess I’m just not sure how many meals I can eat alone before I get tired of it. Hopefully, I’ll meet some cool people to hang out with…I guess we’ll see.

In other news, turns out getting a Prius was a good move…It cost me about $30 in gas to get here. If I ever need a tour bus…I’m gonna make sure to get a hybrid.

Thanks for checking in…

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    Good luck today. Love you.

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