Week Two

Today we finished tracking all of the acoustic guitars.

We’ve been doubling all the guitars. That means that after I record the part, I pick up a different guitar and do it again, often exactly the same way. I gives the guitars great depth. I’ve known that this is how most good albums track guitars for a long time, but, frankly, I was always too lazy to do it. I won’t make that mistake again. It sounds fantastic. Guitars are all done. Next up, we will be tracking all the final vocals and then overdubs (whatever other instruments we decide to put on the album that wasn’t done during tracking)

I’ve been deeply encouraged the last few days by a visit from my friends Thomas and Hannah. They drove all the way down here just to keep me company over the weekend. It was a delight. We got to see a bunch of really cool places in Nashville and eat at some ¬†of the great spots this city has. Mostly, it was just really nice to have some people to hang out with.

I also came down here equipped with about 20 letters from friends and family to encourage me. It’s been working. As I’ve been reading all these letters, it has done my heart good. If you are one of the one’s who took the time to write one, thank you. It has helped tremendously.


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