Sputnik was the first satellite launched into space. It’s also the name of the studio where I’m recording.I asked Mitch why he chose to name his studio Sputnik Sound. He said it was because the original Sputnik represented risk and adventure. People were doing something for the very first time and no one knew how it would turn out, but they were bold and courageous anyway. He wanted to try to do the same thing with music, so the name was fitting.


I thought that was fitting, and it further affirmed that I made the right decision in a producer. Things continue to go well. We continued with Pre-production today. Tomorrow we will wrap up pre-production and possibly laying ‘real’ tracks for some of the more acoustic tracks. Thursday, we will have a band in the studio with us and we will begin tracking in earnest. Exciting stuff…I really think these songs are solid and will hold up. I confess I wasn’t sure what I had before I got here…but I am growing more confident by the day.


If you want an idea of what the last couple days have looked like, you can check out the video.



G’night All!

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    Dude, that looks like so much fun! Totally excited for you.

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    Sweet, dude. Reminds of The Luncheonette, minus Adam and Crosby of course.

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