It Begins

Nashville is upon me. This project has been in the works for almost a year, and I confess that at times it felt like it would never get here. Because of God’s grace (demonstrated through the support of a lot of generous friends), I am finally less than 24 hours from leaving to begin this thing. I feel a bit overwhelmed. Mostly in a good way…like somehow my head and my heart are not prepared for this goodness. What an opportunity this is…and what a miracle that it’s been given to me. I hope to make the best of it.

There is also fear. Fear that I’m not good enough; Fear that I will be found lacking in some way. There is such intense vulnerability involved in a project like this because of the personal nature of the work involved and the inherent riskiness of it all…I’m finding that in weaker moments, this vulnerability gives way to fear. So, my prayer is pretty simple. May the God of hope and peace remove the fear, may this process be filled with joy, may I do my best, may the project find favor and most of all, may God be glorified throughout in me and in the music.

Thanks for your encouragement and support. My hope is to update this with more blogs, pictures, audio and video updates throughout the next few weeks so you all can share the excitement of this process with me.

Away we go…

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